Antares Messenger

The world's most secure messenger
Antares Messenger –
the most secure messenger in the world,
released specifically for the Antares Trade platform community.
We tried to create a messenger especially for Antares partners so that they don't have to worry about the safety of their personal data, and we succeeded.
Registration in the messenger is possible only via
Why us
Advantages of the Messenger
from Antares
Nobody knows about the messenger except the Antares community
The correspondence is not stored anywhere
If a user deletes a chat from their device, it will not be available anywhere else
No interception of texts, no SIM-card duplicates
When registering in Antares Messenger, you don't have to link your phone number, you create an account in the app, and that's it
A large list of useful and convenient features
In Antares Messenger, you can create group chats, send voice messages, pictures, videos and emojis, as well as save any messages you want in a separate chat, and much more
Highest degree of security
All correspondence is encrypted through the Google mail server. Even in case of hacking or interception, the partner's information is protected—only the user's phone using End-to-end (E2E) encryption technology is the decryptor
Antares Messenger can be installed on any device
Use Antares Messenger and don't worry about the safety of your personal data
Download on the App Store and Google Play!