How to Open an Individual Consultation Center

Rules and procedures for opening an Alcor Trade consultation center
Alcor consultation center - is an office space located in a business center where Alcor Trade partners can hold presentations and communicate with each other in a business setting.
Requirements for the Head of an Alcor consultation center
Personal investment package: at least 1,500* ALD
Number of active partners in the first line: at least 10, with the volume of active investment packages for at least 10,000* ALD
Volume of active investment packages from the 2nd to 5th line (inclusive) of the affiliate structure: at least 30,000* ALD
Minimum volume of attracted investment packages to the first line: at least 3,000* ALD per month
Minimum volume of attracted investment packages from the 2nd to 5th line (inclusive) of the affiliate structure: at least 7,000* ALD
*-these amounts can be changed by the company unilaterally
Room requirements for an Alcor Trade consultation center:
  • Convenient location
  • Total area of ​​at least 30 sq. m.
  • Recently renovated
  • Stable Internet connection
Requirements for an open Alcor Trade consultation center:
Consultation center format: hobby club
- High-quality modern furniture and office equipment (office furniture: desk, chairs, etc., equipment for presentation: board, flipchart or TV, monitor, etc.)
- It is forbidden to place explicit visual symbols of Alcor Trade (banners, press walls, roll-ups, etc.) in the Alcor Trade consultation center
Bonuses for the Head of a consultation center:
Bonuses from investment packages attracted from the 4th to 10th lines (inclusive) of your affiliate structure according to the table

Depth of affiliate structure (line) Reward percentage from the attracted investment package, %
4 0.4
5 0.5
6 0.6
7 0.7
8 0.8
9 0.9
Moderate 10 1

Payment of monthly rent for the consultation center, if the minimum requirements are met

Start bonus for opening from 1,500 to 2,000 ALD (depending on the location region)
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