October 20, 2021
What is Alcor Crypto Bot?
Just a few days ago, on October 18, 2021, we launched the new Robot Profit Team program, as well as Alcor Exchange and Alcor Crypto Bot.

You could read about Alcor Exchange on the official website of the exchange ( or in our previous post ( Today we will tell you what Alcor Crypto Bot is!

- So, Alcor Crypto Bot (ACB) is not just trading robots, it's the result of four years of work of a team of 12 professionals.

Our robots adhere to the high-frequency trading strategy and use AI to generate entry-exit signals. They are located in the same cluster as Alcor Exchange, which means almost no delays. In addition, you do not need to set up API keys or set Stop Loss because you can install Alcor Crypto Bot in 1 click.

Please note that ACB can bring a monthly profit of up to 102% with certain settings, but when launching into commercial operation, it was decided to set the settings to the minimum level of risk. Therefore, by participating in the Robot Profit Team program, you can indefinitely receive from 25 to 40% every month!

Activate our robot by purchasing a license for the new program and entrust cryptocurrency trading to AI from Alcor Trade!

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