January 18, 2022
Message From the Founder Alex Richter: About Alpin

Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that we will enter the IDO and IEO market this spring by launching our own launchpad platform Alcor LaunchPad (Alpin).

Alex Richter has recorded a new video message dedicated to this fantastic news. Watch it and you will find out:

- What you need to make money in the dynamic cryptocurrency market
- What successful products we have developed for the crypto industry
- How to make money in virtual worlds
- What areas of the cryptocurrency market are the most relevant ones today
- What will be in our line of products for the metaverse
- How to make hundreds and thousands of $$$ on IDO and IEO

In the video message, Alex Richter also talked about how you can earn money on Alcor LaunchPad and much more. Watch the video message in four languages (Spanish, English, Russian, and French) to learn all the details.

Watch in Spanish:
Watch in English:
Watch in Russian:
Watch in French: