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Two Underlying Principles of Alcor


Develop a progressive community, based on the principles of referral systems that each partner of the company can use to make an unlimited source of income.

The community is provided with exclusive affiliate-based tools to generate active and residual (passive) income. They help each partner of the company make an unlimited source of income.

Community values: respect, equality, creation, service, volunteerism, support, awareness and recognition.


Create a model for developing, scaling and promoting startups, MLM and investment companies to the market using a network distribution model.

We are the only MLM distribution platform in the world that successfully uses this model to promote various companies.

We have integrated referral systems in the promotion of traditional business models. This has significantly reduced marketing costs for companies and improved their financial performance.

Potential partner companies undergo a thorough multi-stage audit to make sure they comply with the highest financial and marketing standards.

Alcor Investment Affiliate Programs

Program Line Profit Team
Promotion of Agnico Limited which uses a linear marketing plan.
Investment Program
Volume of investment packages
from 100 ALD to 150,000 ALD
Floating, up to 2% per day + premiums up to 0.3% per day depending on the size of the investment package
282–300 calendar days, including additional days
Affiliate program
Linear marketing
Career statuses, office program

How It Works

IBPA investments


IBPA (Independent Business Partner of Alcor) selects one or more investment partnership programs on the Alcor platform. The funds are sent directly to partner companies generating profit.

Partner companies are engaged in various types of businesses generating a certain profit (stock trading, information products trading, cryptocurrency promotion). Alcor is an intermediary between the IBP and such companies.

In this scheme, the investor gets profitability in accordance with the marketing of the investment partnership program, partner companies receive funds to scale their business and generate profit, and Alcor, acting as an intermediary, receives a revenue share of dealings between investors and partner companies.

* Independent Business Partner of Alcor

Road Map Until 2025

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